It’s never too late to learn!

It’s March!  How did that happen so fast?  February came and went in the blink of an eye.  One of the classes I taught last month was for a group of senior citizens at a local retirement community.  Ages ranged from 70s to 90s.  How cool is that?!   The best part was being able to meet with them in person (!) … socially distanced and masked, in the same room and not on a screen!  That was a real treat!

The most interesting thing that I learned while teaching this group was that their experiences and comments were very similar to younger adults I have taught.  They asked many of the same questions and had a lot of the same challenges and reactions. 

The best part for me was spending time with these older adults open to learning new skills and wanting to grow and try new things.  I just loved seeing that.  I know that is how I want to be at that age. 

It is NEVER too late to learn something new. Keep learning and growing and experiencing!  

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