Day before birthday reflection

As I wrap up my sixty-first year on earth, I am reflecting on my life’s journey and feeling grateful for all the lessons I have learned along the way.  Sixty-one years.  That number feels surreal to me. 

At yoga today, the instructor was talking about the miracle of our bodies.  It’s so true.  My heart has been beating non-stop (thankfully) for almost 62 years!  Think about that!  I don’t own anything that has lasted that long.  My skin has kept my insides safe and protected.  My neck has held my head up.  My legs have carried my wherever I have schlepped my body.  An absolute miracle.  When I get a cut on my finger, it heals!  All I have to do is feed it, hydrate it and let it rest.  It takes care of the rest.  Amazing! 

A birthday is a wonderful time to stop for a few moments to reflect on the miracle of life and all that it encompasses. To give thanks for not just the wonder of my body, but also, and maybe especially, my soul.  For the ability to love.  For the ability to forgive.  For the ability to accept.  For resilience in the face of challenges.  For all of it!   And to remind myself, again, that today is the first day of the rest of my life! 

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