Reflections and gratitude

Sometimes the road I am traveling gets bumpy.  Sh*t happens.  Loved ones need more care and attention.  My mindfulness practice reminds me to take a breath when I feel overwhelmed.  I come back to now and think to myself that … ‘All is well. I am safe’.   

Expressing gratitude is another wonderful practice. I remind myself how grateful I am for … 

  • so much wonderfulness in my life
  • knowing that If I take things one step at a time, everything will get done
  • my amazing, caring friends who check in to see how I’m doing and let me know they are thinking of me
  • the beautiful moon that is always there, even when clouds are blocking my view
  • the peace I feel when I am at my ‘happy place’ (Silver Lake)

Take a moment today to breath consciously and express gratitude!  

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