My greatest joy when I was working at Binghamton University was the connections that I made with my students.  I loved our conversations.  I loved hearing their perspectives and ideas about the world and their lives.  I loved sharing my stories and, perhaps, a different perspective.  I loved laughing with them and learning from them.  It is what I miss most about not being there.  

Last night I had a mini-reunion via Zoom with some of my former students.  It was so wonderful to see their beautiful faces and hear about their adventures.  I felt such joy!  It reminded me how important it is to connect with people who bring us joy.  It doesn’t really matter whether we connect in person or over the airwaves.  It matters that we connect.  That we take that time to reach out and connect with people who infuse us with joyful and positive energy.  

I am still smiling and feel so grateful to stay connected to these amazing young adults!  I look forward to staying in touch and celebrating their journeys wherever they may lead!  

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