Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

Taught by certified instructor, Wendy Neuberger, this one hour workshop is an introduction to mindfulness and meditation. We will cover the basics: what, why, how, including a short meditation practice. Can be done in person or via Zoom.

Learn to Meditate

Our minds can feel like an overwhelming place to sit in stillness and quiet, for any amount of time. Learn how meditation can help you recognize and minimize your reactivity to stress. 

This 4-week course teaches skills of mindfulness and meditation that you can use in your daily life. Each session includes instruction, practice, and discussion.  We will learn and practice a variety of ways to meditate so you can find what works best for you.  Anyone can learn to meditate!

Personalized Life Coaching Sessions

In these one-on-one conversations, we will discuss your personal goals. Receive suggestions and guidance for finding balance and achieving your life aspirations.

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