Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

Taught by certified instructor, Wendy Neuberger, this one hour workshop is an introduction to mindfulness and meditation. We will cover the basics: what, why, how, including a short meditation practice. Can be done in person or via Zoom.

Koru Mindfulness & Meditation Course

This 4-week course teaches skills of mindfulness and meditation that you can use in your daily life. Each session includes instruction, practice, and discussion. A phone app is available to download for practicing guided meditations.

The Koru Mindfulness program is an evidence-based curriculum designed at Duke University. The course provides effective and meaningful learning for adults of any age.

Fun fact: “Koru” is the New Zealand Māori word for the spiral shape of the unfurling fern frond. The word literally means “looped” or “spiraled,” but the shape symbolizes harmony or balanced growth, representing layered growth around a stable center.

Personalized Life Coaching Sessions

In these one-on-one conversations, we will discuss your personal goals. Receive suggestions and guidance for finding balance and achieving your life aspirations.

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