Taking the path of least resistance

I once heard Dr. Wayne Dyer talk about the song “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack.  He said that he loved the song but disagreed with one line.  That line was “Never settle for the path of least resistance.”  Dyer maintained that you should always take the path of least resistance. He said that resistance is life saying you may be going down the wrong path.  Instead, we should go toward what flows, toward what doesn’t feel like strain, tension and opposition. 

I had to really think about that. I grew up believing that the path of least resistance was a bad thing: the easy way, a cop-out, lazy.  Where did I get that notion?  One definition I found for path of least resistance is “the easiest path to a goal.”  That sounds like a good idea to me!  Watch water flowing down a rocky stream.  It searches out the easiest path!

I find that when I go with the flow, I breath easier.  I don’t resist what is.  It doesn’t mean I just go along with anything.  It does mean that everything doesn’t have to be a struggle.  I find that approach to be very liberating. It keeps me more balanced, calm and happy! 

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